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The Launch of Sunshine September 2015
Publish Date: 19 November 2015

Suria KLCC and partner malls Alamanda Shopping Centre and Mesra Mall hosted Sunshine September again in 2015.

In support of the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), the Sunshine September initiative (previously known as Purple Day), aims to raise awareness and funds for NASOM and to aid those living with autism in Malaysia.

Watch the video to see each of the launch events, featuring the NASOM Maestros and autistic superstar singer, Umar Hasfizal. There are also appearances and performances by our celebrity friends, Daphne Iking, Deborah Henry, Adibah Noor and Najwa Mahiaddin.

This year, Sunshine September raised RM 457,386.20, all of which was donated to NASOM. LiteFM also partnered with Suria KLCC to raise funds, each “Like” on Umar Hasfizal’s video on LiteFM’s Facebook resulted in a RM 1 donation from Suria KLCC, culminating in a total of RM 66,863.

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